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I was self-conscious about going to social events for fear of embarrassment
I didn't want to sit in a corner AGAIN while others were having fun
I was unable to develop meaningful relationships due to my insecurity
I became a loner with few friends (the only friends I had were more socially inadequate than I was)
I knew there had to be a way to solve this terribly embarrassing problem that
was destroying my confidence and my life
Do you have any of these feelings like I did...
Listen closely because...IF you’re like me...(And I’ll tell a TRAGIC story about that in just a second...) BUT...

Trust me, I nearly ripped my hair out trying to Get Rid of Bad Breath but hear this because you’ll look back on this moment as the turning point in your current frustrations - (And the way YOU FEEL right now...) with Bad Breath...Because...

Here's What Happened to Me as a Teenager and How I Overcame It...
I knew I had bad breath but I was too embarrassed to ask for help. I was in high school and we all know how kids can be brutally honest. My "so-called friends" bullied me to the point I moved to a different high school for my last 2 years.

My very first date asked me if I brushed my teeth with SH*T! How's that for a self-esteem killer! I struggled for years and still to this day, I feel that same pain when I remember those days.

Keep reading to find out how I solved this devastating, embarrassing and humiliating problem!

In fact, when I was teenager, my first date actually asked me if I brushed my teeth with SH*T?
About how I solved my problem as a teenager, found on Page 21 … you will read about the 8 Miracle Secrets that will not only remove every trace of your bad breath but have a breath so sweet and attractive you will be a sex magnet to everyone around you...Guaranteed! (Changed my life!)
(Did you know there is a little known health issue that causes many of us to have bad breath?)
The Good News...it's not your fault! You may have been told that bad breath is caused by gum disease, but it's not that simple...In fact, it's easier!
You may wonder how I'm able to help you cure bad breath...the book I found and will give you exclusive access to was written by a dentist from Georgia. He has practiced for over 30 years, helping many, many people with all kinds of breath issues. I am convinced he will help you as well, just as he helped me.
These aren't the same old wives tales you've heard before...this is real science!
"Curing Bad Breath" isn't available anywhere else at any price no matter what!
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You Are Only Seconds Away From Eliminating Bad Breath Forever! Just Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow Morning Knowing You Could Confidently Roll Over And Kiss Someone Good Morning!
See What others have to say...
When I read your sales page, I just knew you were talking about me. I was bullied throughout high school about my breath. Lucky for me, I found "Curing Bad Breath". By trying out the cures found in this book, I am not having to try hiding my breath. No more bad breath! Thank you.
                                                             Steve S., LaGrange, TX
Thank you for helping me. My breath used to be terrible. I was always covering up with mints and mouthwash, but I knew I still wreaked. No more!
                                                              Barb F., Reno, NV
My breath doesn't repulse anyone any more thanks to your book I read a few months ago. Thank you for your help.
                                                             Joseph M, Medford, MA
I tried everything trying to get rid of my horrible breath. I could smell it myself and I know everyone else could too. Now, I have my confidence back. My girlfriend thanks you too.
                                                        Rich L., Bozeman, MT
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